Environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to transport the cargo is sea freight.

The global transport within & across continents to carry each kind of cargo through sea and ocean.

All types (General cargo, Hazardous, special cargo, and perishable) and size of commodities can move through sea and ocean by container (FCL/LCL) or vessel (B/B) with best competitive rate. You can select suitable container for your cargo and transport it safety & efficiently for long distances. It is most economical option which you can save your money and receiving your commodity secure and safety.

You can trust to BFR to transport your commodity from China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, Europe India, Dubai and etc. to Iran and vice versa.

Advantage of Sea Freight

Ocean freight is very cost-efficient, especially when shipping larger and heavier cargo. You are charged per container rates for shipping in standard containers and the charge is usually based on the size of a shipment. The cost is also decided on whether the goods require a dedicated full container or can be consolidated with other cargo. In case of the latter, your price is often determined by its volume.

When it comes to reducing your ecological footprint, ocean freight almost always wins the battle against air freight and road transport. CO2 emissions are much lower and with the right solutions, containerized ocean freight can contribute tremendously in reducing the carbon footprint of global transportation.

Transporting empty space is wasteful while sharing space has environmental benefits. Sharing space means you use the full capacity of the shipping containers, and by combining diverse cargoes into single shipments, you care about the environment.